Check Processing Services

CalliPay offers three check servicing platforms to meet your specialized needs ......

“Check Relay” will expedite your payment by placing the check immediately in your hands!
Stop waiting for payments to come in the mail, or accept ‘late’ excuses - Use Check Relay instead! Just enter the required information and when you’re ready, print it and deposit the payment the same day. It’s that simple! Check Relay is a complete payment system - it lets you accept, verify, track, manage, and print all your payments using one central platform over the web.

CalliPay E-Checks (ACH)– Just take ACH Payments and we’ll keep you in Compliance with NACHA Rules.
Want e-checks but don’t want the headache that comes with maintaining compliance with NACHA? Then CalliPay e-checks is the answer for you.  Our ACH product is tailored to meet all NACHA compliance regulations so that you won’t have to. CalliPay ACH also comes with the most robust reporting features so that account reconciliations can be performed quickly and efficiently with one system—the Unified Payment Portal system. The CalliPay ACH solution offers businesses the benefit of cost savings and automation. By converting many manual functions into one electronic transmission, CalliPay can dramatically increase the likelihood of payment by lowering mistakes like payment entry errors and shorten administrative based delays.

CheckRelay 21 is designed to enhance the speed and efficiency of conventional check processing.
Check 21 permits the “truncation” of paper checks into digital images, which is used by banks to process payments. Check 21 removes the restraints associated with processing paper checks, while avoiding other regulatory obstacles presented in electronic processing such as NACHA, giving you the best of both worlds. CalliPay has developed an enhanced “CheckRelay 21” product offering you all the advantages of Check21 along with our signature benefits.