CalliPay offers many payment services, payment management services, ebilling and automated phone payment systems.  These are described in the Loan Servicing, Collections and Members Services sections of the web site in the context of each functional area.  Below is a summary of these options.

Recurring Payments:  CalliPay‚Äôs Recurring Payment Manager helps make the process of scheduling recurring payments easier than ever.  These can be used to automate loan payments or to provide a mechanism for a Member to catch up with past due accounts.  Schedules are easy to setup and run automatically based on your preferences.

Phone Pays:  Your customer service representatives can take payments over the phone through the CalliPay virtual terminal.  Accept all types of payments, including recurring payments, post dated payments, credit card, debit card and checks. 

Automated Phone Pays via IVR:   Take payments 24-hours a day using CalliPay's IVR.  The automated phone payment system can be configured to meet your individual needs, or you can use one of our compliant templates to get going right away.  We can assign local or toll-free numbers.  All payments are processed through CalliPay along with your other payments.

Web Based Payments:  Accept payments 24-hours a day from your members using web payment pages.  The pages can be customized to match the look and feel of your web site.  The payment pages are hosted on CalliPay's secure servers and maintained by us. 

Merchant Accounts:  Accept credit and debit cards over the web, phone or IVR.  CalliPay supports Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. 

Check Processing:  We can process check payments over the phone, web, IVR, recurring payments and post dates.  We have three ways to process checks, Check Relay (Demand Draft), E-Check (ACH) and Check 21 (RDC).  Each has unique legal and processing characteristics.  We will work with you to choose the best product to meet your needs.