Recurring Payment Manager

Schedule and manage recurring payments using CalliPay’s easy-to-use web based service.

CalliPay’s Recurring Payment Manager helps make the process of scheduling recurring payments easier than ever! You can set up recurring payment schedules instantly. Just follow the simple steps in the program – the process is quick and efficient; and best yet its free! CalliPay Recurring Payment Manager works with all forms of CalliPay payments; whether it is a check, credit card or debit card. Easily track all pending and completed payments, and send your payers email payment confirmations using this great tool.

Features & Benefits:

·  Free of Charge!
·  Easy to use - It’s integrated in CalliPay to work with all payment types
·  Increases productivity – lowers overhead associated with offering recurring payment to your Members
·  Lets you create payment schedules by specifying the payment terms and start date
·  Allows a variety of payment schedules— weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly
·  Send an email notification or payment