Specialized Services for Collections

Contact delinquent Members quickly, efficiently and effectively.  Use our tools to provide the payment mechanisms that your Members want to use.

Are some Members behind in payments or overdrawn on their accounts?  Make it easy to bring past due balances up to date.  Two of the most important factors in bringing those payments in quickly is rapid communications and providing an easy mechanism for payment.  CalliPay can assist in making early contact by sending payment reminders via e-mail along with a personalized message.  Members are able to pay over the phone, over the web or through an automated phone payment mechanism.  Payment reminders can also be used when someone is reached via telephone, but is unable to make the payment at that time.  CalliPay's recurring payment manager and post-date processing also allows Members to catch up based on arrangements that you make with them.  All of these methods are integrated to work with any of our check and card based processing systems.